Conscientiometrology is the Conscientiology specialty applied to the study of conscientiological measures, metrics or the parametrized technical evaluation of the polyhedral, multifaceted, holosomatic, multidimensional and pluriexistencial consciousness, having the Conscientiogram as the main instrument of consciential evaluation.


The Conscientiogram is the technical workbook with 2,000 self-research items, and is recommended as an instrument for self-knowledge, self-assessment, self-diagnosis and the qualification of consciential manifestation.

The 2,000 items are related to 100 different evaluation parameters, which have as a reference the personality of the Homo sapiens serenissimus, a consciousness of an advanced evolutionary level characterized most notably by serenity, an elevated mastery of energies, broad assistance to humanity and a deep understanding of cosmoethics. This book is a challenge addressed to all those who seek to dynamize their self-evolution.

The author, researcher Waldo Vieira, took 22 years for the meticulous and articulate elaboration of the book, which was based on multidimensional research, the study of 167 biographies and in the observation of human behavior in diverse cultures, which makes it applicable to all interested consciousnesses.

The idea of creating an instrument to measure multifaceted self-performance is related to the increase of awareness that comes with the realization of an Intermissive Course before being reborn. This makes people more interested in the intraphysical check of their evolutionary performance regarding the fulfillment of the current existential programming.

Thus, we can say that the Conscientiogram helps to diagnose the personal evolutionary level and to plot the self-programmed renovation in order to make adjustments of the compass needle to the evolutionary north.

“The Intermissive Course (IC) is the set of disciplines, taught according to programs outlined by a series of lectures and thematic experiences, administered to consciexes after a specific level of lucid evolution, during the period of consciential intermission (Intermissiology, Extraphysicology) within the cycle of personal human existences, aiming at the consciential completism (complexis) of the existential programming (proexis), in the next intraphysical life “(VIEIRA, 2006).