“The intraphysical consciousness, or human guinea pig, is the intraphysical consciousness, man or woman, researched, investigated, analyzed, examined, anatomized, scattered and used as a model of study in a specific situation, contextual or experiential, unique, independent Self-awareness as to the facts, the facts and the multiple dimensions in which it is manifested “(VIEIRA, 2014).

The Voluntary Guinea Pig – Conscin of the Conscientiogram course consists of personal presenting, results of the self-evaluation of Conscientiogram evaluation sheet with receiving feedback from participants, increasing one’s self-knowledge, in essentially being an exercise of healthy self-exposure, personal self-positioning and self-assessment.

In the course self-energometry is performed, Conscientiogram Evaluation Sheet (ES) is chosen, and answered, by each participant, and the random selection of volunteers for the individual presentation of the result of the completed ES , which is debated by the group.

Course duration: 5 hours 30 mins.
Frequency: monthly.
Prerequisite: Completion of an introductory course in Conscientiology.