Open activity  |  No prerequisites.

The Interassistantial Conscientiometric Parapsychic Dynamic (ICPD) is a group activity, organized by Conscius’ volunteers and coordinated by a consciential epicenter.

The conscientiometric bioenergetic field installed in the parapsychic dynamics aims to favor consciential self-reflection, the development of interassistential autoparapsychism and holosomatic self-sustainability.

Frequency: Weekly, Wednesdays
Hours: 8pm to 10pm.
Location: Hotel Mabu Interludium.
Rua da Cosmoética, 1761, Cognópolis, Foz do Iguaçu.

Objectives of the Dynamic:

  1. Expand self-knowledge about cosmoethical conscientiometric parapsychism.
  2. Contribute to the recovery and acquisition of neocons and paracons.
  3. Provide an environment for the exercise of interassistantial conscientiometric.


  • Wear light, comfortable clothing but it is advisable to bring a coat and / or cover.
  • Enrollment can be made at Location.
  • Arrive before time, ideally at 7pm.