Conscientiogram without Drama. Click below to download the course folder.

Recexograma. A conscientiometric instrument to measure the index of recexibilility or the quality of consciential recycling, from the objective and simplified evaluation of 100 items, grouped into 10 areas of manifestation, aiming at the application of existential recycling.

Software Conscientiogram. Useful tool to respond to the Conscientiogram using the computer. This software also makes it possible to generate graphs and compare the inter-period relationships.

* To install the software, first extract the files through the decompressor (example, 7zip), then click SETUP and INSTALL.

Conscientiometric Graph Technique. Allows an overview through the transposition of the results from a self-evaluation of the 2000 questions to a 360 degree graph. The technique allows us to identify personal coherences and inconsistencies, as well as the most striking strongtraits and weaktraits and their correlation with the vehicles of manifestation and main consciential attributes. It is possible to outline a strategy to deepen self-research from the results obtained.

Inventariology Technique. Consists of the thematic survey of the personal inventory simultaneously when answering the 2000 questions. The inventory is composed of 100 items that are filled randomly, in accordance with the information gained from reflection on personal facts, over the course of  answering the Conscientiogram’s questions. In the end, the self-researcher has a general overview of their personal history, through the data compiled, including personalities and epochs, increasing self-knowledge and composing an autobiography.