Penta (personal energetic task) is the transmission of individual, assistantial, consciential energy, at the same time each day, by a human consciousness, aided by a helper or helpers, while in the ordinary physical waking state. The transmission of energy is made directly to those deprived or diseased, intangible and invisible to the common human vision whether, human, extraphysical or projected, near or far.

Since time immemorial instinctive, fetal, empirical, and non-technical penta existed in a basic way between human consciousness awakened to multidimensionality. But, these practices were typically aggravated and polluted by the intrusions of mysticisms, archetypes, brainwashings, intraphysical conditionings, sacralizations, human inadequacies and social repressions of all cultural types.

Penta was, as defined here, was released to the general public in 1966, as registered in the book 700 Conscientiology Experiments (VIEIRA, page 958).

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