On February 24, 2006 International Association of Interassistantial Conscientiometry – CONSCIUS, was founded. Based in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil Conscius exists in order to settle and expand the theoretical-practical studies of Conscientiometrology.

The CONSCIUS is a non-profit Conscientiocentric Institution, based on volunteerism, without mystical, religious and political-partisan connections, whose purpose is to develop research and studies of the principles and methods of conscientiological measurement, based on the proposition of verpons related to Conscientiometry and the application and expansion of the Conscientiogram, with a focus on cosmoethical interconsciential assistance.

“A Conscienciocentric Institution is that concentrator of consciential self-research and reeducational activities, due to a social reason and transparent legal statutes, being intrinsically, cosmoethically and conscientially healthy” (VIEIRA, 2006).

Objetive of Institution

The main objective of Conscius is to provide a favorable environment for consciential self-education based on the development of conscientiometric self-research techniques.

Courses an Activities

The institution promotes courses and activities aimed at promoting reflections and conscientiometric diagnoses, factors that induce existential and intraconsciential recycling.

Conscius has extensive experience in conscientiometric self and heteroresearch through courses taught weekly and through claritaskal assistance provided to various consciousnesses since its foundation.